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The CNP ZOIS next to the little (and big) fighters of life!

The CNP ZOIS next to the little (and big) fighters of life!

 Special 15% Discount on the four Serious Illness insurance plans


In a changing world, full of uncertainties, what matters most is that as many people as possible feel safe and secure. To feel that the most precious thing in life, Health, is protected.

CNP ZOIS, is the Life Insurance Company in Greece of the leading insurance Group CNP Cyprus, a member of the French multinational Group CNP ASSURANCES, with more than 170 years of historical presence and 36 million insured. The Group meets the needs of the time, having as a priority the provision of insurance solutions that cover as much as possible, as many people as possible.

For the most vulnerable group of the population, a day is approaching that has a special value. Cause on February the 15th, is International Childhood Cancer Day.


For CNP ZOIS, it symbolizes the Hope, Strength and Courage of the great little heroes of life. Those children whose health is tested hard, but have large reserves of mental strength. Offering all of us valuable lessons.

In this context, CNP ZOIS stands by children and adults in need of health support. From February 15 to March 31, 2022, the four (4) Serious Illness insurance programs of CNP ZOIS, become even more affordable, as a special discount of 15% on insurance premiums is offered. These modern and flexible insurance programs cover the case of diagnosis of Serious Diseases.

The biggest challenge for an insurance company, especially in these times, is to be able to stand by its policyholders, responsibly and reliably. Offering complete solutions with professionalism and sensitivity.


* For more information on the four Serious Illness insurance plans, you can visit our website (, or contact our headquarters (tel. 210 3279420 - email: [email protected]), or one of our cooperating insurance intermediaries.


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