CNP ZOIS - The Company

The Company

CNP ZOIS is an Insurance Company that operates in Greece as part of the CNP CYPRUS INSURANCE HOLDINGS Group, operating in the life Insurance sector. CNP CYPRUS INSURANCE HOLDINGS LTD is a member of the French multinational group CNP ASSURANCES, with 170 years of historical presence, more than 35 million insured people and presence in 19 countries.

CNP ZOIS, with years of presence in the Greek Insurance market, has specialized expertise and offers a wide range of insurance products in the life, health, serious illnesses, personal accidents and savings sectors both on an individual and group basis, which have been created to meet the real needs of its clients.

The Company offers its products through a network of Independent Insurance Intermediaries.

The Group’s strong capital base, CNP ASSURANCES’ strength, the ability, know-how, expertise and professionalism of its executives, as well as the Company’s network, constitute a guarantee for success.


Because we consistently respond to the needs of our customers providing them with a wide range of insurance programs and high quality of service.

Mission & Vision

We meet your life insurance needs with confidence and vision.

Board of directors

Our Board of Directors examines, determines, approves and secures all procedures related to the effective operation of the Company.

Financial Results

View the financial statements of the Company.

Terms of Reference Audit & Risk Committee

View the Terms of Reference of the Committee.

Sustainable Disclosure (SFDR)

Download and read the Policy on the integration of sustainability risks in Investment Decisions and the Due diligence policy regarding the adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors.

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