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Bonjour Health

This is a program that covers the necessary costs for medical care within a Medical Institution, as well as the costs for treatment or surgery that do not require overnight stay or for incidents that are treated in outpatient clinics of Medical Institutions (only in proven emergency cases).
The Insured Person can freely choose the Medical Institution in Greece as well as abroad and coverage is provided in affiliated and non-affiliated Medical Institutions.
In addition, Bonjour Health provides the Insured Person access to primary care services on the basis of privileged terms (through an affiliated medical services network).


21 Different Coverage Options

Possibility to choose the coverage that best suits the Insured's financial capabilities.

Combination of Coverage

Combination of primary and secondary medical care coverage in one insurance program, as well as possibility to combine the program with other additional insurance coverage, in the same Insurance Policy.

Combination with benefits provided by other Insurance Providers

Bonjour Health can be combined with the benefits of your social insurance fund and/or another Insurance Policy.

Simple and easy insurance procedure

Your Insurance Policy is issued quickly and then delivered to you immediately by means of a simple and easy insurance process.


Individuals up to 60 years old, who want integrated solutions to protect their health and / or the health of their family (spouse and children), regarding primary health care, as well as in case of hospitalization.




  • Hospital Care Benefits
    • Maximum annual coverage limit: € 1.000.000 for hospitalization in Greece or in the European Union (€ 500,000 for hospitalization in other countries, including America and Canada)
    • Coverage Percentage of hospitalization costs in Greece & the EU: 100%
    • Coverage Percentage of hospitalization costs outside the EU: 80%
    • Deductible amount: € 400 or € 1,000 or € 1,500 or € 3,000 or € 5,000 or € 7,000 or € 10,000 per year

    It is noted that if a deductible amount of less than or equal to € 3,000 is chosen, then it will not be applied to the estimation for the compensation of recognized expenses, which occured during hospitalization in a public health institution.

    • Room and Board in Greece: A (Single room) or B (Double room) or C (Triple room).
    • Room and Board Abroad: Up to € 500 per night.
    • One day clinic coverage.
    • Coverage of Pre and After hospitalization Expenses, up to € 1,000 per year.
    • Surgical indemnity up to € 12,000, depending on the severity of the surgery or in the case of non-surgical incidents, Daily Nursing Allowance of €100 for up to 10 nights.

    It is noted that the amounts are paid only in case the compensation expenses are not submitted to the Company, due to proven total coverage from another insurance carrier and without the deductible amount being implemented to the estimation of the compensation.

    • Coverage of Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy or Radiotherapy costs.
    • Coverage of Plastic Breast Surgery due to mastectomy resulting from cancer, up to € 5,000 per year.
    • Coverage for private nurse with a maximum limit of thirty (30) days.
    • Lump sum payment of Childbirth Allowance of € 750, without implementing the deductible amount for the estimation of the compensation.

    It is noted that the one-off payment is only made if a deductible amount of less than or equal to € 3,000 is chosen and provided that 24 consecutive months of insurance have elapsed since the date of issuance or reinstatement of the insurance.

    • Ambulance Expenses Coverage in case hospitalization is needed, up to € 400 per year.
    • Congenital Diseases Coverage up to € 20,000, provided that twenty-four (24) months of continuous insurance have passed, and that the diseases were not diagnosed at the time of the issuance of the insurance policy.

    When reaching the above limits, no other compensation is payed, for any other hospitalization due to the same cause or any complications thereof, whether this occurs in the same insurance year, or if it occurs in one of the following insurance years for which the insurance will be renewed.

  • Primary Care Services
    • Free medical visits to selected specialties
    • Medical visits with low cost contribution, in other specialties
    • Diagnostic examinations up to € 2,000 per year, with 80% or 85% discount in specific Hospitals and Diagnostic Centers
    • Free Annual Check-up and other special prevention programs with premium pricing
    • Blood sampling at home, within the Attica area, at a cost of € 10
    • Dental care with a 50% discount
    • Physical Treatments, performed by physiotherapists who are members of the Affilitated Network, with a contribution of € 20 per session
    • Coordination Medical Call Center
    • Possibility to use an ambulance for free in case of emergency admission to specific Hospitals in Athens
  • Main Characteristics

    Insurance Duration

    One (1) year with with annual renewals

    Expiry Age

    Seventieth (70th) Year.


    The limit is not applied if the insurance is continuously and uninterruptedly renewed for ten (10) consecutive annual insurance periods, the last of which coincides with the 70th year of the Insured's age.


    Premium Adjustment

    The premium is determined on an annual basis.


    Affiliated Hospitals

    Find the full list here.


The Company is exempted from its obligations if the Insured Person does not meet the conditions required.

For further details please refer to the Terms and Conditions in your Insurance Policy.

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