CNP ZOIS - Insurance Intermediaries
Insurance Intermediaries

Insurance Intermediaries

CNP ZOIS, in the context of its dynamic expansion into the insurance market, develops and maintains a productive and certified Network of Insurance Intermediaries, both natural and legal persons, offering smart and cost-effective solutions for life, health, protection and savings. The Company's human-centred philosophy acts as a culmination of CNP ASSURANCES Group's culture, where know-how, trust, direct service, teamwork and hard work co-exist to achieve its vision.

Respecting the important and increased role of the Insurance Intermediary, the Company's staff supports its associates on a daily basis and ensures their professional development and training, by jointly setting up procedures and strategic plans to achieve a mutually beneficial cooperation.

If you are interested in working with us, you can fill in the "New Partner Candidate Form" and necessary documents ("Cooperation Initiation Process") and we will contact you.

New Partner Candidate Form (PDF)

Cooperation Initiation Process (PDF)


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