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Bonjour Optimum

Bonjour Optimum

Bonjour Optimum is a program that provides the Insured, in case of Accident or Illness, with unlimited access to primary care services provided by medical service providers (Medical Institutions, Polyclinics, Diagnostic Centres, Private Hospitals, Dental Centres and Dental Clinics, Physiotherapy Centres, Speech Therapy Centres and Ophthalmology Centres) that belong to the Company’s Affiliated Network.


Combination of Coverage

Possibility to combine the insurance program with supplementary coverage in the same Insurance Policy.

Wide Network of Doctors

A wide network of doctors and diagnostic centers (in county capitals) all over Greece.

Age Limit

There are no age limits.

Simple and easy insurance procedure

Your Insurance Policy is issued quickly and then delivered to you immediately by means of a simple and easy insurance process.


Individuals regardless of age, who want a high fund and reliable solutions to cover their primary health care needs and / or their family's (spouse and children).




  • Primary Care Services
    • Unlimited medical visits with privileged terms, in a variety of medical specialties
    • Unlimited medical treatment in private clinics and / or polyclinics at a privileged price
    • Coverage of medical expenses due to an emergency accident, with privileged terms in the outpatient clinics of Affiliated Nursing Institutions
    • Unlimited diagnostic check-ups with privileged terms and with the possibility of conducting free medical tests using a valid referral from a Public Insurance Body
    • Free annual check -up, with an upgrade option, at a privileged price 
    • Dental coverage (dental treatments - procedures) with a discount up to 50%
    • Ophthalmological coverage with a 50% discount
    • Physiotherapy coverage
    • Psychological support coverage (in a clinic)
    • Coverage of treatment from a Dietitian - Nutritionist 
    • Alternative - holistic medicine (Homeopathics / Acupuncturists)
    • Coverage of speech and learning therapy
    • Coordination call center (24h / 365 days)
  • Main Characteristics

    Insurance Duration

    One (1) year with with annual renewals, only if the Company still offers the same policy or a relevant one.

    Expiry Age

    There is no age limit.

    Premium Adjustment

    The premium is determined on an annual basis.

    Medical Tests

    Not required.


The Company is exempted from its obligations if the Insured Person does not meet the conditions required.

For further details please refer to the Terms and Conditions in your Insurance Policy.

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