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Bonjour Kid' s Care

Bonjour Kid' s Care

Bonjour Kid’s Care is an insurance program that was specifically designed for kids and covers twelve (12) types of Serious Illnesses.

Following the diagnosis of a Serious Illness by the Company, the insured capital is paid as a lump sum and irrespective of the expenses that have been incurred.
For this particular insurance policy, only one (1) claim can be accepted, regardless of whether the insured Person has been diagnosed with one or more of the types of Serious Illnesses which are covered.


Combination of Coverage

Option to combine additional coverage in the same Insurance Policy.


The compensation is paid regardless of the total expenses made up to that point.

Lump sum Payment

Lump sum payment of the insured amount directly to the Insured.

Simple and easy insurance procedure

Your Insurance Policy is issued quickly and then delivered to you immediately by means of a simple and easy insurance process.


An Insurance Policy especially designed for children 1 to 17 years old, in order to provide them with financial support, in case they are diagnosed with 1 out of 12 Critical Illnesses.




  • Critical Illnesses Coverage*
    1. Cancer
    2. Kidney Deficiency
    3. Essential Transplantation
    4. Paralysis
    5. Limb loss
    6. Blindness
    7. Coma
    8. Loss of speech
    9. Serious Burns
    10. Benign brain tumor
    11. Aplastic anemia
    12. Rheumatic fever with residual cardiac complications

    (*) as defined for the purposes of the insurance policy, in the insurance's general terms and conditions 

  • Main Characteristics

    The key features of the Insurance Policy include:

    • Competitive price
    • The option to select the insured amount
    • Lump sum payment of the insured amount directly to the Insured
    • The Critical Illness's diagnosis should be completed 90 days after the issuance of the insurance policy
    • It is offered only as additional coverage

    Insurance Duration

    One (1) year with the possibility of annual renewals.

    Expiry Age

    Eighteenth (18th) year.

    Premium Adjustment

    The premium is determined on an annual basis.


The Company is exempted from its obligations if the Insured Person does not meet the conditions required.

For further details please refer to the Terms and Conditions in your Insurance Policy.

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