CNP ZOIS - Discharge from Payment of Premiums Due to Permanent Total Disability

Discharge from Payment of Premiums Due to Permanent Total Disability

Discharge from Payment of Premiums Due to Permanent Total Disability

This is an insurance program that discharges the Insured Person from the obligation to pay premiums in case of Permanent Total Disability.

For the purposes of the program, Permanent Total Disability is considered to be disability resulting exclusively and solely from an Accident or Illness, which has prevented the Insured from any professional activity, for an uninterrupted period of twelve (12) months from the date of the permanent interruption (due to disability) and totally prevents the Insured from carry on any future activity.

Regardless of the duration of the disability, a disability is considered to be Permanent and Total if it is exclusively due to one of the following causes:
• Functional loss of both hands or legs, or one hand and one leg.
• Total and irreversible loss of vision in both eyes.


Combination of Coverage

Option to combine additional coverage in the same Insurance Policy.

Simple and easy insurance procedure

Your Insurance Policy is issued quickly and then delivered to you immediately by means of a simple and easy insurance process.


Individuals 18 to 60 years old, who want to be exempted from the obligation to pay premiums in case of permanent loss of their ability to practise any occupation that provides them an income.




  • Main Characteristics

    The key features of the Insurance Policy include:

    • The option to select the Insurance Policy's duration
    • It is offered only as additional coverage
    • It is strictly provided to the Contributor (the person who is required to pay the premiums)
    • It is not available to people without professional activities that provide income (e.g. unemployed, retired, household, students)

    Insurance Duration

    From five (5) to forty (40) years.

    Expiry Age

    Sixty fifth (65th) year.

    Premium Adjustment

    In case the data on which the original pricing was based on is changed, e.g. the occupation of the Insured Person, other coverages of the Insurance Policy.


The Company is exempted from its obligations if the Insured Person does not meet the conditions required.

For further details please refer to the Terms and Conditions in your Insurance Policy.

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